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School Workshops

Types of Workshops

What can I offer your school?

I offer a workshop based on my new children’s novel Ant’s Awesome Adventure.

Through readings, games and writing activities we will explore how decision making is important in writing fiction.  Decisions can be about plot, point of view, narrative voice, tense and where to enter a story.

How will your pupils benefit?

My aim is that pupils will be inspired to make decisions which will enhance their creative writing.  They will experience both oral and written storytelling and how to develop consistency and believability in their stories.


I can offer workshops based on my writing or the work of children's writers who I admire.  They can be writing workshops or  story telling workshops.  I have also written modern fairytales and poetry.  I will work with schools to help cover aspects of the National Curriculum.

What teachers said ...

"Nice warm introduction, followed by clear modelling... Great opportunity to do verbal storytelling."

What the children said ...

“My favourite activity was when she let us try and finish the story and let us create our own with a twist.”  

"I liked the bit when we had to write what happened next in the story because it was fun."

"I liked Maureen's book because it had a mysterious vibe."

"I liked how funny she was and the game was good."

Please email me to discuss your requirements.  I would also be happy to arrange a phone call to talk through possibilities and fees.

For details see Contact page.

How to arrange a workshop.

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